Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Two Worlds Collide

Honeysuckle Roses

I'm so excited—I can hardly stand it! Finally, all the design skills I learned in college and use everyday have collided with my love of fabric and sewing! I have designed a floral print called "Honeysuckle Roses" and am having it printed on an organic cotton sateen fabric. (Yardage is available for purchase through my spoonflower page below.)

Honeysuckle pink is the color of the year, and I love all things girly, floral and pink anyway. The roses are graphic and modern-looking, but overall it has a very feminine, vintage feel. Truth is, it was designed with a pair of coral-colored shoes in mind. Shoes, that I saw, and had to have despite having nothing to wear with them. Look for a dress in a month or so—my fabric order should arrive early in June!

 What would you make with Honeysuckle Roses?



  1. YAY!! I love to see you blogging! Congrats on the fabric too. So cool. :) I look forward to MORE posts. :)

  2. Thank you Trisha! Hopefully, this is just the beginning. The custom-printed fabric just gives me so many ideas!