Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This blog is a MESS!

Today I'll share one of my "typical day at the office" projects. Let me be clear, by no means did I do this project myself. I work with a great team of talented, creative people who lend their opinions and expertise. We're fortunate to work with some amazing clients with incredible experiences and products to share.

That said, above is a 64-page catalog just completed for Adventures On the Gorge—an adventure resort in Fayetteville, WV. I'm proud to say that the layout concept and execution were my work. This seems to be my niche here at the agency.

My first real design job was in book publishing. Every other month I laid out a 96-page magazine. (I still remember how many pages!) And every six months we published three new books and promoted them with a huge catalog mailing of all our offerings.

Let me say, I have come SO far in 12 years. The files I sent to the printer then were a mess. I didn't understand the printing process. The designs were adequate, but not outstanding. But I managed and learned it all as I went along.

So, I guess I need to be patient with myself as I learn this new process. This blog is a mess! The background image needs to change. The second post had a typo in the headline (anyone see that before it was corrected?). And I've probably broken all the rules of blog etiquette. I'll muddle my way through and who knows what I'll learn along the way.

Thanks for following along : ) Feedback is much appreciated.

(My favorite part is the handy, page-turning format done through Isn't it fun?)

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