Monday, May 16, 2011

And so it begins…

To further my effort to be the best possible version of myself, I've decided to start a blog. I'm not a writer nor do I usually have much to say. I know people who use more minutes on their cell phone than I actually speak each month. Even my rollover minutes have rollover minutes. So why blog?

I'd like to share my creative projects with others. Feedback from family and friends has always been a big boost for me. I swear Grandma is the biggest fan of my work and I wish I had a dollar for every time I'd been asked if I made the dress I'm wearing. I'd love to expand that to include some online friends who are working on similar projects or be noticed by some other (read: more impressive) blogs.

This is a personal challenge to be more creative every day. Between four kids and a full time job, some days just slip by. Hopefully, this will be a daily (or weekly) reminder to stick with it—just keep creating. Sometimes I get to enjoy an afternoon at my sewing machine, other days I might only have time to try a new recipe. I feel most like me, when I'm creating and I hope this blog will add some accountability. At least I'll see something accumulate for time spent.

I hope it will be an inspiration for my creative kids. Last night, Brownie painted a lovely sunset with watercolors and informed me that she would like to have an "art area" in her room. Blondie repaints her nails every night and helped sew herself a wild, floral skirt. The Boy is certainly crafty in his own way, just not in the glue-gun sense. He is always happy to test any culinary creations. C put pink streaks in her hair and is talking about going to design school. How cool is that?! I want to encourage each of them to keep creating.

It will be an excellent creative portfolio and form of record keeping. So many times I'm reminded of something I've made in the past and wish I had a photo of it. I wish I had pictures of all the little dresses I made for the girls when they were small. I've made so many bridesmaid and flowergirl dresses. My tastes and talents have transformed over the years too. I went through a doll-making phase in my teens and even made some teddy bears at one point.

So, I'm adding one more thing to my to-do list. Feedback is always appreciated.


  1. You go girl! You have to start somewhere and this is one of the best places. I'll look forward to more posting!