Thursday, May 19, 2011

T-Mobile Dresses

T-Mobile has me hooked! But I couldn't care less about their myTouch 4-G phone. It is the pink dresses in the latest advertising campaign that have me talking! Am I the only one who is completely crazy for every pink dress worn by T-Mobile's latest spokesmodel, Carly Foulkes?

After Googling the lively, magenta-white-striped, tea dress, I discovered that I am not alone! Apparently, there has been quite a frenzy in cyberspace about who made the dress and where to find one.

According to the LA Times, the standout pink-and-white dress was a custom-made, vintage-silhouette-inspired dress designed by Debra LeClair, the stylist who worked on the campaign and photo shoot. So they are not available for purchase ANYWHERE! Marc Jacobs has a similar style, but it is black and grey—not nearly as spunky as the bubble gum pink!

As if the striped beauty weren't enough, they keep bringing out more! The polka dot number is super cute, but I think the floral sundress may be my most favorite.

Since there has been such interest online, I wonder if some Nikety knock-offs might sell on Etsy (or fit in my closet)!

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