Friday, May 20, 2011

Inspiration is contagious.

The thought of writing a blog really hadn't really crossed my mind before now. Okay, after watching Julie and Julia—I considered it briefly, but didn't believe the kids would actually eat beef bourguignon.

I have been so inspired by friends who are stretching themselves to be more and documenting their lives. Subscribing to design*sponge has reminded me how important it is to look at other people's work—even if it is an entirely different medium. The inspiration generates so many new ideas.

Already, I've found that inspiration to be quite contagious. One dear friend said that after taking a hiatus from her blog, she's excited to come back to it and have a buddy to talk about the technical stuff.

I shared the site with Brownie last night, showing her how all the links connect to other pages, such as fabric on spoonflower and my very, empty Etsy shop. Her eyes lit up when she asked, "Can I make something to sell on your Etsy page?"

So, today I'll include a watercolor painting by my favorite brown-haired girl.
It is a sunset (not over the ocean, but a rolling green field). I should have had her give it a title. Expect to see more from this one—quite possibly on Etsy.

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  1. You are so right. It is contagious. And for me, it's not just blogging... Now, let's hope inspiration can influence the body and create some motivation!!