Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Major shopping SCORE!

Whew! I feel like I finally caught my breath over the long holiday weekend. Several long-term sewing projects have been wrapped up and the kids had no activities (as in zero…). We watched the Smurf movie and went SHOPPING!

I must have been very good lately because there was some serious karma in my favor at Gabriel Brothers over the weekend. I know, some folks just don't like that store. "I don't like to dig threw all that garbage." "I never find anything my size." Well, it is my opinion that you can't go in looking for any one thing in particular. I've had some really great finds there, but it helps to be able to sew!

Check out the awesomeness that was my latest trip:

• These two jackets by New York & Company were my major score! The original $59.99 tags were still in place. The sleeve lining was twisted in the grey one and someone had nipped all the buttons off the pink one (even the extras they hide on the inside seam). $9.99 for each of them plus a little time unstitching the lining to unkink it. I honestly think it took me longer to decide which buttons to purchase!
I happen to love blazers—especially for work. Though it does make me feel like I'm turning into my Mother : ) Our agency is extremely casual. Jeans are the norm and shoes are optional, but I like to throw on a blazer over a t-shirt (kind of Miami Vice-style!) to instantly feel more dressed up. I never saw Mom do that!

• Brownie found some Justice jeans that were just her size, but way too long. 
$7.99, hemmed them, good to go.

• I found a long, open cardigan sweater also by New York and Company in a pretty pink/salmon color, but it had a large hole where the ruffled collar met the back. 
$14.99 and ten minutes with a needle and thread. Lovely!

• Shoes are really hit or miss at Gabriel Brothers. I mean freaky hit or miss. I've found some cute, sparkly flats in the past, but things can slip pretty quickly into the stripper platform boots category. Please be careful in the shoe department!
 I may have added a comfy pair of Etienne Aigner black pumps to my shoe collection. And they may have been perfection and required no stitchery on my part!

Good Luck and Happy Shopping!

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